Health and Wellness Naturally

Native Food Nutrition and Education.

On site consultations 9-6pm - Moorabbin in Melbourne.

Consultations via Zoom - 9-6pm Australia Wide.

One hour 1st consultation and 45 minute follow up consultations.

Nutrition and Wellness Naturally is guided by qualified Nutritionist, Julie Merlet.

Food choices and lifestyle factors can change the way we feel, think and behave.  By getting the balance right you can help restore your nutrient needs with a new mind-set. Julie has a holistic approach to health,  teaching you simple and easy ways to make changes to replace what is not working for you.  

A 'food for thought' mentality that puts you back in control of healthy living for life. Julie has the capability to delve deeper to help find what's causing any major issues.

A free 10 minutes apart from the 1hour consultation allows us to discuss your most pressing needs. If you need guidance and expert advice on your health needs, then contact Julie who can organise an online or personal consultation with you.

Contact for Nutrition Consultations via Zoom or at the Moorabbin Location in Melbourne.