Rivermint Tea Bags
Rivermint Tea Bags

Rivermint Tea Bags

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Rivermint Tea Bags

Mentha australis

Tin contains 20 Tea bags

Rivermint is an Australian Native Herb, often seen naturally growing along waterways.  It grows really well in Spring, Summer and Autumn and then dies back in Winter.

This Rivermint is grown by Domonic at Pundi Produce.  An Indigenous owned business that is focused on growing native food produce and helping to provide employment for young people in his community.  Domonic has a strong connection to his culture and to the land and he uses sustainable farming practices.

NATIF has been working and connecting with Domonic for over 3 years now and we have developed a strong and trusting working relationship.

Rivermint is a wonderful refreshing and cleansing tea, tasting similar to spearmint.  Just add to a cup of boiling water and steep for a few minutes, then drink.  You can also make an iced tea and add some citrus segments or some native fruit garnishes.

Health Benefits

Great clearing effect for when you have a cold or to help relieve indigestion.


100% Pure Rivermint.



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