Wild Australian Rosella

Australian Wild Rosella

Australian Wild Rosella (Hibiscus sabdariffa)

Often referred to as Native Rosella.  It can be found growing wild in northern parts of Australia and was actually naturalised thousands of years ago when it was traded throughout Asia to Australia but originally it came from Africa.

The whole plant has been used by Indigenous Australians for food and medicine for thousands of years.

I have seen it growing wild throughout northern parts of Australia with its beautiful pink flower and rich red calyx, which is the prized edible part.  As they have not evolved naturally (like all our other native foods) they are not classified as native, although I have been guilty of calling this naturalized species Native Rosella.  As there was history of human intervention it is a wild adapted species to Australia and a part of our wild environment.

Rosella can be found throughout the world and is known to be a good source of vitamin C and antioxidants.  Used often as a herbal remedy and consumed as a tea.

Our NATIF Australian Rosella is grown in the Northern parts of NSW.  Passionately and professionally looked after by our organic native food Farmer.  It comes in air and freeze dried powder and whole calyx (fruit) and calyx petals.

The fruity, tart, sweet and sour flavour of the calyx can be used as a food and beverage garnish or dried and brewed to be drunk as a tea or cold drink.  Use it to make home made cordials.  I love it in fruit pies, tarts, made into a jam and use the petals garnished over pavlova and other desserts.

It is often used and adopted by the Australian Native Food and Botanical Industry.

Julie Merlet - NATIF