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NATIF means  

N = Native   A = Australian   T = Traditional   I = Indigenous   F = Foods

Native food taks

NATIVE Food revolution

We have a passion to educate and promote the growth of the Native Foods Industry. We do this by providing information, speaking at events and at schools and by collaborating with people within the food and beverage industry.  We have been working direct with Indigenous communities to help them establish native food volume and establishing accounts in which they can grow into the future. NATIF seeks to raise awareness and connection to our environment. 

Natif ethics

natif ethics

NATIF values the importance of evidence based and traditional information about native foods, where they come from, how they are processed, the method and ethics of collection and rights of the Indigenous people who collect some of this food.   NATIF donates to Children's Ground, ReForest Now and Wildlife Victoria.  By purchasing some of these foods, you're helping to keep up the supply and demand, which in turn provides opportunities for Indigenous people, their communities and businesses and for all Australian Native Food Farmers and businesses using native ingredients.

Natif community

natif community

NATIF is a Social Enterprise.  Established in 2015.  Some of our products are locally packed in a HACCP facility in Melbourne by a company that employs people with a disability and we are so happy to be working them. Our native fruits are freeze dried in a local HACCP facility, supporting local jobs and community. Our packaging is food grade and as eco friendly as possible (a work still in progress).  Most of our ingredients are in bio-degradable packaging. We encourage re-cycling and re-use.  

There was once over 5,000 edible plants in Australia, which sustained one of the oldest civilisations on earth for over 65,000 years, the Indigenous Australians. Australian native plants and bush foods have adapted to this harsh ancient Australian environment and because of this, some of their fruits, herbs and spices contain more antioxidants, vitamins and minerals than other common nutritious foods, making them true superfoods.

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