Native Bee Honey
Native Bee Honey
Native Bee Honey

Native Bee Honey

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This Australian Native Bee Honey is one of the rarest honeys in the world, unadulterated and with health benefits.

Native Bee Honey is gently cold extracted and has a distinct flavour, texture and is sweet and tangy with eucalyptus and lemon notes.

The native bees that produce this sugar bag honey fly around the World Heritage listed Glass House Mountains on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

A cloudy appearance in the honey is a very good sign, meaning there is a high Propolis content producing high antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

Australian native bees have been around since the dinosaurs roamed this vast land.  They were the our first pollinators, but they are also a threatened species.

First People's of Australia used native bee honey as food and medicine for thousands of years.


• Contains Propolis
• Harvested by First Australians for health properties
• Scientifically proven to have a low Glycemic Index
• Potent antimicrobial and antibacterial properties
• High viscosity
• High antioxidant content
• High moisture content
• Native honey comes in different shades (light to dark)
• Science confirms Indigenous people’s native honey long claimed health benefits

• A tiny amount gives a lot of flavour
• Propolis is good for wound healing
• Antimicrobial agent
• Can slow the growth of bad bacteria
• Good sweetener for diabetics – Low GI*
• Natural anti-inflammatory goodness
• Sore throat remedy
• May improve the healing after surgery or skin wound

*Low GI:

Native Australian honey contains a rare and naturally occurring sugar profile that is different from other honey’s. It’s called ‘trehalulose’ and it has a substantially lower Glycemic Index (GI) than regular honey. The lower GI means diabetics don’t experience the spike in blood sugar caused by glucose and fructose. Trehalulose is absorbed more slowly into the bloodstream. University of Queensland, organic chemist Associate Professor Mary Fletcher and her team of researchers, identified specific bioactive components in stingless bee honey, providing “concrete evidence” that supports the health benefits of this product. How does our honey obtain these benefits? Well, it’s probably because native bee honey is stored in and infused with stingless ‘native’ bee propolis, or ‘bee glue’. This ‘glue’ has been shown by numerous researchers to have many valuable healing and biomedical properties, including antibacterial properties comparable with medical-grade Manuka honey.

Add a drizzle to:

Yogurt and ice-cream

Breakfast bowls


Fruit salads

Cold Desserts

100% Pure Australian Native Bee Honey 30g

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