Bunya Bunya Nuts Appeal

Bunya Bunya Nuts Appeal


Its Bunya nut season and they are falling off the trees in Queensland and northern NSW and rotting away.

They taste like a brazil nut and dinosaurs are them too!

They fruit every couple of years and the heavy cones drop to the ground laden with nuts.  They are a favourite important nutritious nut used over a long period of time by Indigenous people.  You can roast them or use them in any culinary creation.

Tye, from The Little Black Bee, is crowd funding to help protect and grow the Bunya nut Industry here in Australia.  He has been busy collecting the cones and will seek to plant crops for cultivation into the future.  He is already saving our native Australian bees by rescuing them and building boxes for them to live in.

Tye would like to see these wasted nuts falling to the ground, planted back into the community or farms or back into the nature.

Buy planting these trees now we can enjoy them into the future and for the next generation.

We need more people like Tye and his small cohort group to save and plant these Bunya nut trees so we can all have more to eat into the future.

Support this cause and become part of this wonderful concept by donating at the link below:


Thank you for your support.