Easy ways using Native Australian Ingredients

Easy ways using Native Australian Ingredients

Have you ever wondered how to incorporate native ingredients into your kitchen every day?

Well, we know how because that's something we do every day.  We don't get chefs or recipe developers to make stuff for us because we love to use them and reap the health benefits from our local food.

NATIF has created a native foods recipe eBook which is simple and easy to use.  All the ingredients you need can be found online at NATIF and at your local general store.

There are so many simple ingredients that you use in your kitchen every day that can be substituted for native Australian ingredients.

Salt - native saltbush

Pepper - native Mountain Pepperleaf

Chilli - native Pepperberries

Lemon or lime - native Desert Lime

Mint - native Rivermint

Coffee - native Wattleseed as a Latte

Tomato - native whole Bush Tomato

Plums - native Davidson Plum fruit

Peaches - native Quandongs fruit

Sultanas - native Muntrie fruit

Lemon grass - native Lemon Myrtle

Cinnamon - native Cinnamon Myrtle

Berries - native Riberry fruit

Parsley - native Sea Parsley

Aniseed - native Aniseed Myrtle

It really is that easy.

Be adventurist and experiment in the kitchen so you become familiar with the unique flavours and aromas of native bush foods.

Native Herbs and Spices - Mix them up with salts (Australian lake or sea salt) and make your own native salt mixes.

Native Fruits - Use our freeze dried native fruits and powders into anything you would normally use fruits for.  You can re-hydrate the native fruits and powders by adding them to warm water for a few minutes to soften them or make a paste with the native fruit powders.

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Eat Australia with friends and family using Australian Native Ingredients.