NATIF Kakadu Plum

NATIF Kakadu Plum


Why are we using overseas superfoods when we have our own here in Australia?

NATIF Kakadu Plum is full of antioxidants, vitamin C, folate, vitamin E and fibre.

NATIF Kakadu Plum is nutrient dense making it a true superfood.  Its flavour is similar to stewed pears and apples, which give it a mild taste and easy on the palate too.

Natif Kakadu Plum contains more vitamin C than blueberries and oranges - way more,  so why not use it for your daily dose.  100% Pure, wild harvested, ethically sourced.  No additives at all.

Adding dried foods are a more natural way to boost daily nutrition as part of a healthy balanced diet.

Its an easy superfood choice - enjoy Kakadu Plum powder for breakfast, lunch or dinner.