Platter of Native Foods

Platter of Native Foods

A Platter of NATIF foods

We sell most of our NATIF foods dried.  Either air dried or freeze dried.

To rehydrate, just introduce water to make them soft and ready to use.

We used native foods all through the festive season across many dishes that had other cultural influences.

It was a focal point of conversation around native foods, traditional use and interesting facts about them, their health benefits and other ways to use them.

People were so excited to try them whole, not just as powder, this is how you can connect with them, close to how they look in nature.

I noticed that people develop a palate for native flavours after a few times.  Once you get over that they are not so sweet, you start to take on the individual flavours and aromas, then identify with them through all your senses.

Its because they are not so sweet that they go so so well with desserts that need that contrast of flavour, or you can add a little sweetness to them (like local raw honey).

I think we are so lucky to have access to these unique foods of Australia and I hope you can share them with family and friends as you welcome them into your everyday lives.