Wattle you make with NATIF Wattleseed

Wattle you make with NATIF Wattleseed

Wattle you make with Australian Native Wild Harvested Roasted and Ground Wattleseed

Well, that was a mouth full!

This amazing product could be your pantry staple.  Its so useful and versatile, delicious and nutritious too.

With the taste and aroma of chocolate, coffee and hazelnuts it can be an excellent coffee substitute which can easily be made into a Wattlelatte and Wattlechino.   Containing no caffein and having health benefits you can add to your everyday diet, Wattleseed is a winner.

100% natural, wild harvested, vegan, sugar and dairy free with absolutely no additives.

Made in Australia and finely ground in Melbourne with love and ethically supporting Australian wild harvesters.

When you purchase NATIF Roasted Wattleseed Grind and NATIF Superfoods Herbs and Spices you are supporting the local native Australian food industry, Australian native food farmers and Australian wild harvesters.

See blogs for recipe ideas, health benefits and how to use. 

Wattle you make today !!