Chocolate Muntrie Macadamia Bites

Chocolate Muntrie Macadamia Bites

These taste amazing - you'll see!


6 Crushed Corn Thins (available at supermarkets)

6 De-seeded chopped Medulla Dates

1 cup of melted Dark chocolate

1/2 cup of melted Coconut oil

1/2 cup of crushed Macadamia Nuts

10g of NATIF Muntrie Fruit (add 20g if you like!)


Line a small square baking tin with grease proof paper

Gently melt the chocolate and coconut oil together or separately and stir to mix.

Crush the corn thins into popcorn like sizes into the paper lined baking tin to cover the whole bottom of the tin evenly

Spread the Dates, Macadamia nuts and Muntries over the crushed corn thins

Drizzle the melted chocolate and the Coconut oil mix together over the contents in the baking tin.  Make sure you get enough chocolate mix to cover everything and enough for it to dribble into all the mixture so it sets.

Set it in the fridge for 30 minutes and cut into slices with a sharp knife.

Serve and enjoy!  They are so delicious.

No added sugar, gluten free and vegan friendly.