White Kunzea Whole Leaf
White Kunzea Whole Leaf

White Kunzea Whole Leaf

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Kunzea Whole Leaf

(Kunzea ambigua).  Also known as Poverty or Tick Bush.

This Australian native shrub with a lovely white floral and tiny leaves which are harvested in Tasmania.  Part of the Myrtle family of plants.

The flavour of the leaf resembles, eucalyptus, citrus and menthol, with a strong peppery finish that lasts!  The flower may also be used as a garnish and has a honey note.

The leaf can be brewed as a tea or added to sauces, syrups, jelly, seasoning mixes, salad dressings, one pot roasts, baking and breads, dips, marinades, home made cordials and other beverages, seafood dishes, roast veggie and rice garnish.

Use it as you would like Lemon Myrtle.  You only need a small pinch to flavour food. You can also mill the leaf to powder.  Cooking can bring out the flavour even more.


Kunzea ambigua whole leaf 


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