Lemon Aspen Fruit
Lemon Aspen Fruit
Lemon Aspen Fruit

Lemon Aspen Fruit

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(Acronychia oblongifolia)

Available in Freeze dried fruit powder and whole fruit pieces.

Lemon Aspen has two varieties.  The Acronychia acidula is native to tropical north Queensland and the Atherton Tablelands. The southern Lemon Aspen (Acronychia oblongifolia) grows more in eastern mountain parts of Australia from North East Victoria to southern QLD.

Flavour profile: A fresh spicy citrus aroma and a strong grapefruit lemon taste.

How to use it

Use in sweet and savoury dishes, fruit salads, parfaits, chutneys, relishes, as a beverage garnish in mineral water, cordials and other beverages.  Add it to home made seafood, veggie and rice dishes.  Add to tarts and other desserts.

Health Benefits

Lemon Aspen is a good source of folate, zinc and iron and has a higher anti-oxidant capacity than blueberries.  It also contains magnesium and calcium.


Freeze Dried Lemon Aspen Fruit

To retain freshness and nutrition

Always store NATIF seeds, herbs and spices in our zip locked bags in a cool, dark, dry place.  NATIF freeze dried fruits and powders are best stored in our zip-lock bags or in an air-tight container, in the fridge.

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