Australian Native Herbs and Spices

Australian Native Superfoods

Australian Native Superfoods

Welcome to NATIF, Australian Native Superfoods, Herbs and Spices.  

If we live in Australia, then it would only make sense that we eat Australian native foods.  We have been spoilt by the delicious flavours of global foods but what about our foods from where we live?  We can combine the two!

I believe and know that we are what we eat.  So if we are Australian, living here, then we should embrace all of what this great land has on offer.  If we don't, then we could loose the incredible knowledge shared to us by Indigenous Australians and this land will loose its seeds, its bio-diversity, its preserved areas for conservation and these amazing native foods.

By eating Australian NATIF Foods we help Australian Native Food farmers, the Native Food Industry and most importantly Traditional Knowledge handed down over thousands of years.  

Not only are these foods highly nutritious, there flavour and aroma are like nothing else. We can benefit from eating these foods and get connected to our environment.

Follow me and lets learn, experiment, explore and be creative and we will be supporting a much bigger picture !!

Try making your own Native Spice Mix with a mix of these native ingredients.

Bush Tomatoes, Lemon Myrtle, Aniseed Myrtle, Cinnamon Myrtle, Saltbush, Mountain Pepperleaf