Supporting Remote Australian Communities

Supporting Remote Australian Communities

NATIF Kakadu Plum is a Superfood native to Australia.  While we enjoy the health benefits of this wonderful Kakadu Plum fruit we need to remember that it is the remote Indigenous Communities that harvest and pick this fruit for us to enjoy.

Supporting employment for these Communities and creating a demand for Kakadu Plum fruit, we keep the links in the chain going.

Not only is Kakadu Plum nutritious, but we can try to connect to our country when we eat the fruit by thinking about the people that are amongst this environment.

Australian Indigenous people have an amazing culture and have had to adapt and change to our ways.  We need to respect their ways and allow them to continue to make their own choices and support them in doing so.

They have survived thousands of years without us, they know more about this land and native foods than any of us.

If we support them in this Native Food Industry then we all benefit, learn and grow as humans.  We connect to their culture and give gratitude for what they share with us.

NATIF is proud to be amongst this Industry and will always look for ways to support communities.  Slowly but surely, trending carefully and ethically.

Enjoy the high content of Natural Vitamin C and other nutrients in NATIF Kakadu Plum Superfood Powder for breakfast, lunch or dinner in combination with a healthy balanced diet - always.