Wattleseed Flour Blend
Wattleseed Flour Blend

Wattleseed Flour Blend

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Wattleseed Flour - All Purpose blend 

Stone ground, Certified Organic flour with our Roasted Ground Wattleseed blend.

Australian grown single origin flour, all natural, non-GMO and chemical free 

With the Wattleseed addition to the flour you are enhancing protein, fibre and other minerals for good health.  Wattleseed is also a low-GI carbohydrate.

See our pancake recipe on the back of the packet.

Useful for making:  Pancakes and Crepes, Bread, Biscuits, Muffins, Pizza bases, fresh Pasta, Cakes, Tarts, and any sweet or savoury foodie creations you normally use flour for.  Just add baking powder for self-raising.


All purpose Australian Certified organic grown, stoneground plain flour with Australian  roasted and ground Wattleseeds.