Wattleseed Flour Blend
Wattleseed Flour Blend
Wattleseed Flour Blend

Wattleseed Flour Blend

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Wattleseed Flour - All Purpose blend 

An Australian grown single origin, all natural, non-GMO and chemical free all purpose flour mixed with a native Wattleseed blend. 

Useful for making:  Pancakes and Crepes, Breads, Biscuits, Muffins, Pizza bases, fresh Pasta, Cakes, Tarts, and any sweet or savoury foodie creations you normally use flour for.  Just add baking soda for self-raising.

Mild flavours of the Wattleseed blend mean you can use it with almost anything you normally use flour for with additional nutrients for good health.

Our flour blend is not only more nutritious than normal flour, but it's locally and organically grown right here in Australia.

With the Wattleseed addition to the flour you are enhancing protein, fibre and other minerals for good health.  Wattleseed is also a low-GI carbohydrate.

We want to support the Wattleseed Industry and adding it to your kitchen as a staple item is a good way to do that.  We are always thinking of how to incorporate native foods into your healthy balanced diet and lifestyle.  Connecting you to your country and the unique flavours that make it Australian.


All purpose Certified organic grown and stoneground plain flour and Wattleseed.