Australian Native Beverage Bundle

Beverage Bundle

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Bundle contains: Free eBook ~ Roasted Wattleseed Grind ~ Davidson Plum and Rivermint Tea 

All our bundle packages come with a FREE NATIF recipe eBook with over 60 recipes using our NATIF range of Australian Native Ingredients.

Grab this bundle if you love a morning and afternoon cuppa and something different.

~NATIF Wattleseed Grind tastes similar to coffee, chocolate and hazelnuts.  Our Wattleseed is finely ground so you get maximum extraction of flavour and aroma whilst you make your healthy WattleLatte, a non-caffein alternative to coffee.  Wattleseeds are high in fibre, protein and is a low glycemic carbohydrate.

Make a WattleLatte, Wattleseed pancakes, add to nut meal and baking flours.  Practically a kitchen staple.  Its all in the eBook!

~NATIF Davidson Plum and Rivermint tea is a healthy, special digestive and decongestant tea with lots of plum and mint flavours from the East Coast of Australia.  When you brew it for a few minutes you get a lovely pale red colour as the Davidson plum fruit draws out its healthy anthocyanins - a coloured pigment contained in the fruit which is high in antioxidants.  

Drink it as a warm tea or a refreshing cool summer drink with our native fruit garnishes and ice.

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