Fingerlime Powder
Fingerlime Powder
Fingerlime Powder
Fingerlime Powder
Fingerlime Powder
Fingerlime Powder

Fingerlime Powder

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Fingerlime Powder

(Citrus australasica)

A spiny native citrus plant with long fingerlike fruit that grows in the rainforests on the northern NSW Coast and Southern Queensland.  Also known as citrus caviar.  

Traditionally used by Aboriginal communities along those areas for thousands of years.  Much of the native wild fruit only exists in parts of some national parks or private land due to urban development.

The skin colour of the fruit can range from dark green, yellow-green, crimson, red and pink, purple and black.

There are many shapes, colours and sizes of these flavoursome fruits which spill out their citrus caviar pearls which explode with citrus lime flavours depending upon the variety and colour of the fruit and where its grown in those regions.

With a multiple of uses, these native citrus pearls can be used in sweet and savoury dishes and delightful as a fruit garnish on any food and beverage.

Our freeze dried powder is a mixture of three different varieties of Fingerlime fruit to get the best flavour profile.  Aroma of fresh citrus with some cooked notes, Taste is citrus, tart with some astringency and bitterness.


In food and beverages.  Cordials, sorbets, sauces, baking, marinades, dukkah, seafood dishes, Middle Eastern and Asian dishes and other worldly dishes.  

Add the freeze dried fruit pieces or powder to garnish food and beverages.  Can also be added to food and beverage, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products in product development.

Health Benefits

High Vitamin C ( 3 x more than oranges), rich in folate, potassium and Vitamin E.  Also contains zinc and magnesium.

Freeze dried Fingerlime Powder.

To retain freshness and nutrition

Always store NATIF seeds, herbs and spices in our zip locked bags in a cool, dark, dry place.  NATIF freeze dried fruits and powders are best stored in our zip-lock bags or in an air-tight container, in the fridge.

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