Rivermint Tea
Rivermint Tea
Rivermint Tea

Rivermint Tea

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(Mentha australis)

River Mint (or Native Mint) grows in all states of Australia except Western Australia, naturally close to rivers and water. Smells like Spearmint and was also used by Indigenous Australians for medicinal purposes.

Our NATIF Rivermint powder is grown by an Indigenous community in Southern Australia.  We are working together to help build supply and demand to support their vision into the future.

Our native Rivermint is 100% chemical free

  • River mint can be added to desserts and salads.
  • Can be made into beverages and used like any other mint in sauces and dressings.
  • Our NATIF Rivermint powder can be added to desserts, tarts, health bites, sauces and savoury dishes.
  • Rivermint TEA makes a refreshing, cleansing digestive tea.


Australian Organically Grown Rivermint Tea

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