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Tastes a bit like roasted coffee, chocolate and hazelnut.  Add to sweet and savoury dishes.

Wattleseed is so nutritious and versatile to use.  More like a legume than a seed.

Wattleseed is gluten free.

Wattleseed has a nutty, earthy taste and aroma, it can be used as a non-caffinated coffee substitute. Wattle lattes taste great but don’t throw away the nutritious seeds as they can be reused in baking or cooking..

Acacia longifolia medium/light roast, medium grind - In stock now.  We also pack other fresh seasonal roasted and ground Wattleseed varieties and blends that become available to us from our growers and harvesters in southern parts of Australia.

Wattleeeds contain Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium, Iron, Potassium and other nutrients for good health. They are a Low GIycemic Carbohydrate, a source of protein and fibre too. As part of a healthy balanced diet you can incorporate the Wattleseed into your everyday cooking making it nutritious and delicious.

Businesses, Please note that we are able to get other varieties of BULK Wattleseed raw or roasted and ground, upon request.   Blends are also available. For more information about the differences in nutrition, flavour and aroma of these different species please email Julie at hello@natif.com.au 

  1. A.longifolia ssp.longifolia
  2. A.baileyana
  3. A.retinodes
  4. A.pycnantha
  5. A.provincialis
  6. A.saligna 
  7. A.ligulata 
  8. A.microbotrya 
  • As a Latte or long black. Wattlelatte !
  • In a coffee plunger, Brew 5-10g of NATIF Roasted Wattleseed into 1 cup of boiling water, wait 5 minutes, strain, then add your favourite frothed milk or serve as a long black
  • Alternatively add 1 cup of milk to a saucepan with 5-10g of Wattleseeds, simmer for 1 minute then let stand for 3 minutes, strain into a coffee cup and add some local honey. As an option add a sprinkle of cinnamon or turmeric on top.
  • For desserts soak the roasted Wattleseeds in a small amount of hot water (just enough to cover) for a few minutes for a less crunchy texture when adding to other recipes.
  • Can be added to healthy deserts, tarts, baking, nut meals and pancakes
  • In pavlova, panna cotta, parfaits and ice-cream,
  • Use to thicken soups and sauces
  • Use the brew to make thick shakes, cocktails, syrups, sodas and smoothies
  • You can even use the seeds as a facial and body exfoliant !
  • Wattle you make !

Roasted and Ground Wattleseeds (A.retinodes & A.provincialis)

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