Wattleseed Damper Mix
Wattleseed Damper Mix

Wattleseed Damper Mix

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Wattleseed Damper Mix

Makes 4 Damper rolls

Make it at Home or in a Camp Oven.

100% Australian Native Ingredients and seasonings. No fillers, just 'Dinky-di' bush herbs and spices.

A blend of Traditional food with Australia's Colonial history.  Come around the campfire with family and friends with this 'food for thought' bush damper mix.

Take it on your next road trip, camping, caravanning or hiking.  Its road trip friendly, family friendly and fun to make.

We have blended loads of natural Bushfood flavours into this mix for you.   See the ingredients list!

Searve with butter or olive oil.  Dip it into soups, casseroles, sauces and dips.  Make it for breakfast and spread on some jam, peanut butter or Vegemite.

Recipe is on the back of the pack.  Just add 200ml of water to make, it.

Ingredients: Certified Organic Unbleached Self Raising Flour, Saltbush, Wattleseed, Our Australian Native Seasoning Blend (Murray river salt, Tasmanian Mountain Pepperleaf and Pepperberries, White Kunzea, Desert Lime powder, Lemon Myrtle).



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