Wild Rosella Seeds
Wild Rosella Seeds
Wild Rosella Seeds
Wild Rosella Seeds

Wild Rosella Seeds

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Wild Rosella Seeds

(Hibiscus sabdariffa) - Cocktail Red.

Wildly naturalised in Australia over a few thousand years and used Traditionally.

Pick the rich red calyx off the stem. Use the red calyx whole and fresh or alternatively dry the calyx for later use in teas, sauces, jams and jellies. The petals of the dried calyx can be used to garnish and flavour food and beverages and add a rich red colour.

  • Prefers a well-drained moist soil in a protected sunny position. drought and frost tender.
  • SOAK seeds overnight in warm water.
  • Sow seed on a porous seed raising mix and cover to the depth of the seed width.
  • Place in a warm shaded or semi shaded position to avoid dying out.
  • The growing medium should be well draining but should remain damp between watering.
  • Keep moist but not too wet as the seed may rot. Do not let the growing mix completely dry out.
  • Germination should occur in 10-28 days depending on the temperature and conditions.

Quantity: 10 seeds per packet.

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