Quandong Asian style Soup

Quondong Asian style soup

Quandong Asian style soup

Julie's Quondong Asian style soup

I made this up as I went and so glad I did.  The tangy burst of flavour from the NATIF Quondongs and the deep richness of the NATIF Wattleseeds gave it a real twist and harmonised very well with the style of soup.

Home made fish stock (don't ask !!) Ok - Fish head and tails boiled for an hour or so then strained through a muslin cloth.

Heat fish stock (or other stock of your choice)

Shred some carrot (beetroot and zucchini too if you have any) by hand or in the food processor

Add carrot, sliced tofu, spinach, NATIF Quondongs (about 4 or 5) and Udon or Soba Japanese noodles (can add other type of noodle if you don't have any).

I added some left over green beans from the night before too and a level soup spoon of NATIF Wattleseed for a rich flavour and a boost of nutrients.  The Wattleseed thickened the sauce a little and gave it a beautiful glazed look.

Options:  Add a pinch of NATIF Saltbush and Mountain Pepperleaf and a very small amount of NATIF Pepperberry (if you want very spicy!)

Bring to boil and simmer for 5-10 minutes until Quondongs are soft.


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